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December 31st– Southbound

January 9th– Guilty Pleasure

January 23rd- Southbound

January 30th– Up All Night

February 12th– Moonshine Junkies

February 20th– True Grit Outlaws

February 27th– Guilty Pleasure

March 5th-Trainwreck

March 12th-Skeeter Creek

March 19th-Uncle Leop

March 26th-Guilty Pleasure

April 2nd-Uncle Leo

April 8th-True Grit Outlaws

April 9th-Shovelhead

April 16th-Southbound

April 23rd-Guilty Pleasure

April 29th-Peter McKiernan Band

April 30th-Willie Lynch

May 20th-Guilty Pleasure

May 13th -Southbound

May 19th-21st -Flyday Ho-Down Music Festival with 14 bands!
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May 27th-30th-Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfetones, Whistlin Donkeys, Narrowbacks

June 4th-Up All Night

June 10th & 11th-Steampunk Bands

June 17th-Southbound

June 18th-Uncle Leo

June 24th & 25th-Shovelhead

July 1st -McLean Avenue Band

July 2nd -Moonshine Junkies

July 7th-Up All Night

July 8th-Tommy Flynn Band

July 10th-17th– Irish Arts Week: Irish Sessions

July 22nd & 23rd-Canny Brothers

July 28th-Guilty Pleasure

July 29th-Southbound

July 30th-Willie Lynch

August 5th & 6th-Peter McKiernan

August 11th -Southbound

August 12th -True Grit Outlaws

August 13th -McLean Avenue Band

August 18th -Guilty Pleasure

August 19th & 20th -Rats Nest Run In: Rockabilly Bands

August 26th & 27th -Peter McKiernan

September 2nd -McLean Avenue Band

September 3rd & 4th- Derek Warfield

September 9th & 10th- Upstart Festival, Punk Bands Friday & Saturday night

September 14th & 18th- Catskill Mountain Thunder: Kashmir, Blue Oyster Cult, Moonshine, Junkies, Shovelhead and many many more!

September 23rd- Peter McKiernan

September 24th- Tommy Flynn Band

October 14th-Southbound

October 29th-Uncle Leo

October 30th-Peter McKiernan



Entertainment schedule is subject to change