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Columbus Day Weekend 2019 – October 11-14

Maker Fairs are celebrations of the amazing possibilities of things you can build, dream, and make. Now we bring the Catskills a festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness for families, and a celebration of the Maker movement – including legendary maker Jimmy DiResta!

Maker events are a combination of science, ingenuity, and the creative spirit, the Catskill Mountain Makers Camp is a gathering of artisans, educators, do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, writers, artists, students and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” are invited to show what they have made and to share what they have learned.

The Catskill Mountain Makers Camp is a gathering of curious, fascinating people who like to learn and who like to share what they can do. It is a place where creators can show off, where we can learn and share techniques, where we can find marvelous and amazing things! Do-It-Yourself is often invisible in our communities, whether in shops, garages or on kitchen tables. It is usually away from traditional artistic, scientific or craft events. Maker events brings us into touch with ideas that are extraordinary and out of the everyday!

A day pass for the expo is only $75/day. That’s access to the whole expo! (No meals or room.)

Silver pass is $200. This gets you into the expo for the entire weekend (all 3 days), pig roast, entry into the bar AND the Meet and Greet!

Gold pass is $500. This gets them you into the expo for the entire weekend, pig roast, entry into the bar,hammer-in, attendance into the meet and greet, ALL 5 meals in the dining room and a plan C room for the entire weekend! Plan B rooms are $30/person more and Plan A rooms are $50/person more. Come be a part of it!

As of now, demonstrators include Paul Jackman, Jesse Savage, Cliff Dufton, Sunset Forge, Ellen Durkan of Iron Maiden Forge, Steve Pellegrino, Geoff Feder, Scott Grove, Tracey Cheuvront of Bastionhead Woodworks, and more to come!