Bob Handel

The patriarch of the family, Bob is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. He is a familiar face all throughout the resort and while he puts on a tough front, he is all love. Bob started Tanglewood ranch 50 years ago with his late wife, Ginger, and along with their children Roy and Dale they eventually bought and built up the Blackthorne Resort. Today Bob is a stellar supervisor and spends his days socializing with everyone throughout the resort.

Roy Handel

Roy is the mechanics guy and most people know him best as the one you need to talk to about a campsite! He is most often seen in a machine or riding around in his golf cart with his beloved dog, Molly. Roy and his wife Patty have three children, Robert, Nicole and Austin.

Dale Handel

Dale is the younger of the two brothers and you probably recognize him from Facebook! He is the creative mastermind of the family and anyone can affirm, he really could chew the ear off of a brass monkey. Dale has four children, Morgan, Ethan, Connor and Wyatt.

Patricia “Patty” Handel

Patty is the one who holds it all together. Being in charge of the office is no easy task and she does it all while also balancing her role as the County Legislature! She will greet you at the beginning of your stay in the main lobby and she is someone you will not forget.

Robert Handel

Roy and Patty’s eldest child, Robert, lives locally in the area. He is a chef at Heather Ridge Farman, an all organic farm to table restaurant that places an emphasis on the connection between people and the things we eat. Robert is an incredibly talented musician in addition to being a phenomenal chef.

Nicole Handel

Nicole is an avid outdoor enthusiast who lives in Vermont with her two dogs, Bear and Dux. She can be seen on Instagram and Facebook on daily adventures trespassing through the hills, valleys and mountains of Vermont and makes guest appearances in the Blackthorne bar on event weekends!

Austin Handel

A skilled blacksmith and recreational boxer, Austin has a wide variety of interests. After going to the College of Saint Rose for business Austin is looking to take on the family business and continue the family legacy of growing The Blackthorne Resort.

Morgan Handel

Morgan is currently going to school at Marist College for Accounting and Pre-Law. After graduation she is starting a position at Ernst & Young in Manhattan and hopes to attend law school in the near future.

Ethan Handel

Just finishing up his senior year of highschool, Ethan is looking to take after his father and step into the family business. He has side pursuits as a woodworker and carpenter and if you take a look at Facebook you can see some of his infamous charcuterie boards!

Connor Handel

Going into his senior year of highschool, Connor is an aspiring engineer! Check out some of the welding projects Connor has done around the resort, not the least of which includes the hodge podge mechanical railing surrounding the Martini Bar!

Wyatt Handel

Wyatt is the youngest of the Handel family but has big plans nonetheless. An introvert by nature he is not typically in the limelight but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up to some cool things!


Undoubtedly the most loved of the family, Molly steals the heart of everyone she comes across. A gorgeous Golden Lab, Molly will be your best friend, all it takes are some treats and a belly rub!