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In the still of the night, just before sunrise, a magnificent creature builds its nest. As you stand and watch, you are struck by the tiredness of the creature that is clearly evident – though in no way takes away from its beauty. The sun begins to rise and the bird begins to stretch. Its feathers are a beautiful hue of gold and red – the Phoenix. It cranes its head back as it sings a haunting melody that stops the sun itself in the sky. A spark falls from the heavens and ignites a great fire that consumes both bird and nest – but don’t worry. In three days, the Phoenix will rise from the ashes – born again. Each 500 years it sings to the sun again and is surrounded by flames. And each time it rises from it’s own ashes young and strong. – The story of the Phoenix


In 2010 we suffered an unimaginable loss when our main building burned down, leaving nothing but ash in its wake. We faced this tragedy head on and rebuilt within four months, something we were told would be impossible. To commemorate this feat, and pay homage to the resilience it showed us to possess, we christened our pub, “The Phoenix”. The Blackthorne Resort’s pub serves as an icon of the fierce bonds of friendship and the strength we have found in our Blackthorne Family.

The Phoenix pub is a timeless location that continues to attract people from all walks of life with its extensive drink menu, famous Sunday Bloody Marys and extensive nightly live entertainment. The Phoenix maintains its Irish Pub legacy with newspaper articles, memorabilia and tchotchkes from Irish Tinkers, athletes, musicians and politicians alike. This collection of history in addition to our expansive granite bar and gold pleated liquor vault gives our pub an eclectic charm you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We are committed to making patrons feel right at home in the midst of our hodge podge of persons, all part of our resolve that no matter who you are, when you are at the Blackthorne, you are one of us.