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Lost Treasure Weekend 2024

For the past sixteen years, the Blackthorne Resort has hosted the Lost Treasure Weekend. Set
in the beautiful and historic Catskill Mountains, this is the perfect weekend trip for anyone who
loves metal detecting. Whether you are a seasoned detectorist or someone just getting into the
hobby, we guarantee that this weekend is for you.

The Venue:

The Blackthorne Resort has a history almost as rich as the Catskills themselves! With activity
tracing back to the middle of the 18th century, detectorists here are still making awesome finds
to this day. The Blackthorne, like many of the other historic hotels in the town of East Durham,
started off as a farm in the mid 1700s. It experienced troop movement during the War of 1812
which was made evident by the two cannon balls found on the property a well as an 1812
Artillery Button which was found next door. Sometime in the mid 1800s the name of the property
was changed to the Brightside Ranch which held until the tourism boom of the early 1900s
when it became a boarding house and the name was changed to Mrs. Peters’ House. It was
during this time that the tavern here was frequented by the notorious gangster and bootlegger,
Legs Diamond. Then, in the 1940s it was bought by the Mullan family and converted into the
Mountain Spring Hotel which could accommodate around 100 people.
Even after 15 years of holding the Lost Treasure weekend, people are STILL making incredible
finds here at the Blackthorne. Maybe you will too.

Weekend Highlights

Friday Morning Natural Hunt:

Check in a day early to join us for our Natural Hunt on Friday morning. We provide buses that
will transport attendees to historic properties that the Blackthorne has gotten exclusive
permission for. With the Catskills’ long history in tourism as well as Revolutionary War and War
of 1812 movement, you never know what you may find! Past finds on our Natural Hunt include
Spanish silver coins, George Washington inaugural Buttons, Colonial Coppers and much much
Halfway though the day, the buses will stop for a delicious lunch catered by the Blackthorne
Resort kitchen. This is a great opportunity to show off your finds from the day and mingle with
people that share the same passions as you. At the end of the natural hunt, a special prize will
be awarded to the hunter with the best find!

Seeded Hunts:

The Blackthorne hosts 4 seeded hunts throughout the Lost Treasure Weekend. During our
seeded hunts, attendees meet in our two acre event field where they will dig for numbered
tokens that correspond to different prizes. Prizes include; Morgan dollars, silver dimes, gold
coins, silver ingots, silver quarters, Indian head pennies, large cents, silver certificates, jewelry,
proof sets and much much more.


Get your hands on some of the latest metal detecting gear at the best prices around with our
assortment of metal detecting vendors.


Make sure you check out the Blackthorne’s nightlife! With two different bars on property and live
music each night of the weekend you are sure to have a great time

Start Time

3:00 PM

Friday, June 14, 2024

Finish Time

5:00 PM

Sunday, June 16, 2024


Blackthorne Resort